The first issue of the Fairfield Harbour Beacon published in 1978, and it has continued publishing monthly to date. The newspaper’s listed purpose:

The Beacon is the official newspaper of the Fairfield Harbour Property Owners Association, and is published monthly by a volunteer staff. The purpose of the Beacon is to provide a communication medium for POA members, the POA Board and its committees, and Fairfield Harbour clubs and organizations. The Beacon serves the community by publishing material that informs, contributes to the safety, harmony, and general welfare of the community, and promotes property owner awareness and involvement in community affairs.


– Doug Richardson

Staff writers

– Elaine Berberich

– Marcia Werneke

The Beacon welcomes submissions from Fairfield Harbour residents concerning community activities and the arts – essays, music, travelogues, and photography and video that are community oriented, engaging and non-political.

The Beacon invites resident submissions and those interested in joining the volunteer staff.

– More information

  • FH has many activities; send in photography, an article or video on your interest
  • Writers and editors, join Beacon staff and help report news in your community
  • WordPress website help appreciated too
  • Student interning opportunity

Please direct email to: editor@fhbeacon.org

Thank you.

Privacy policy: The Beacon does not collect reader information beyond anonymous total number of readers and pages visited. There are various options available in the WordPress website program to collect targeted user data that we have chosen not to activate. The Beacon also does not share email addresses of readers who post comments.

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The Beacon publishes monthly on the last Friday. Submissions due by 15th.


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