FH Fishing Club

FHFC Meeting Notes

By Harvey Pye

FHFC Co-ordinator

The FHFC July meeting was held Wednesday July 6, 2022. 

New members, Gail Albertini and Steve Morton were introduced. Gail was just elected to the FH POA Board – Congratulations Gail, and welcome to you and Steve to the FHFC. 

● The Bursar, George Maravales reported Club finances. Jim Satharos reported membership. The roster has been revised, deleting non-dues paying – members are now 72. Returning persons will pay dues, submit a signed contact info as well as a waiver to be a member. 

● Equipment leader Wayne Massetti and Webmaster Art Thinguldstad were unable to attend. 

The speaker for the meeting was Capt. Lee Winkleman – noted flounder fisherman whose focus is “simple fishing” inshore, near shore and offshore operating out of Morehead City NC. 

Capt. Lee talked about his fishing techniques, where and how he targets fish – he showed his “simple bottom rig” and jig that he says usually hooks a fish. Several members want to sign up for a trip with Capt. Lee, especially for the upcoming flounder season starting September 1, 2022 to September 30, 2022. Capt. Lee gave a good talk with his tips that we found useful. 

● The Red Drum tourney: scheduled September 14, more info at August meeting and on the Groups mail system. 

● The task force committee to explore initiatives the Club can support will be meeting to discuss options. We need “new” initiatives to support however, the donated/secured funds now in the bank are for wounded Active/Vets and Families initiatives ONLY. Any other new initiatives (non-military related) must be funded by Club funds or from new donations that will be accounted for and reported as such. 

Special thanks: Steve Mink for volunteering to be a steward to help Tim Welch, Ken Collins tonight and for the August and September meetings. 

John Roy won the 50/50. Thanks to Capt. Lee for the lure giveaways. 

The next meeting is Wednesday August 3 at 7pm, Community Center. 


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