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Fairfield Harbour Gun Club plans second year

Bill Hewitt

FH Gun Club President  

A recent study finds that close to half of all new U.S. gun buyers since 2019 have been female. Women are now learning how to use a firearm in greater numbers than ever.

Our May meeting’s guest speaker, Lacey Arthur, from Up the Creek Arms, Lacey is a Certified NRA Instructor, Concealed Carry Instructor, Lacey specializes in teaching the female shooter, she is also adept at teaching aging shooters with her background in anatomy/physiology and developmental psychology. This may be an opportunity to conquer a fear challenge or perhaps offer an alternative to help our lady members become safer and more proficient shooters. Bryan Arthur also makes custom Kydex Holsters and equipment and will give a presentation on them. 

Our live-firing exercises are held at the Pamlico County Law Enforcement Officer (PCLEO) range in Bayboro. If we have enough interest from ladies, we would be pleased to organize a ladies-only range day specifically for pistol shooting.  Our May meeting will be held in the Community Center at 7pm on May 18, 2022. If any of you ladies over 21 in Fairfield Harbour have an interest, please join our membership at that meeting and hear what Lacy and Bryan  have to offer. We are hoping to generate enough interest from our Ladies to have a Ladies Training day with Lacy and Bryan Arthur in the near future.  

Our April meeting in the Community Center offered a very informative history lesson on WW-II guns. Eric Noevere discussed handguns and rifles used primarily by Russia and Germany during the second world war. He spoke of their availability as collector items and explained the differences between originals and those that were imported. He showed the dry-fire operation of a few of these rifles and handguns that he brought to the session.  Eric offers a variety of classes, service and gun sales.

For more information, please email club president: wehewitt1994@gmail.com


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