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May The Farce Be With You Brings Hilarity to Appreciative Audience

By Alexandra Kemendy

Harbour Lights Players’ winter comedy production May The Farce Be With You once again tickled audiences’ funny bones as laughs piled onto laughs. Actually a composite of three short plays: The Naked Man On The Couch (by Richard Davis), Lawyer, Lawyer, and A Will to Murder—these last two by Robert Naquin, their over-the-top humor kept the laughs going. With a small but appreciative audience to start, word of mouth quickly spread the news of these farces’ hilarities. Audiences were so taken by the humor that they even harangued their bank tellers in praise of these plays. FH mail and Facebook, too, were abuzz with praise, so that later performances were either sold out or over capacity—to standing ovations.

The plays were brought to life by Directors Anne Griffith and Diane McKillop, who had to contend with dry periods when all rehearsals were canceled due to an increase in covid infections. To the credit of the cast members, everyone used the down-time wisely, memorizing their lines. Even though the production could have been shut down at every turn, the cast, crew, and directors persevered to put on a rib-tickling, knee-slapping, guffaw-inducing show. And the audience loved it!

The cast included Diane McKillop, Kathy Clay, Pat Mora-Coxe, Bill Rivera, Chris Rivera, Joyce Stull, Bill Coxe, Anne Griffith (our own Judge Judy Moody!) Celeste McAllister, Troy Topper, Ed Dzioba, Craig Blackwell, James Curry, Linda Boryk, Joan Freiwald, Chris Gerhardt-Jewell, Joy Pikor, and Ruth Blackwell. Special accolades go to Joan Freiwald and Chris Gerhardt-Jewell, both of whom stepped in at the last minute; also to Bill Coxe and Ed Dzioba, both of whom each had roles in two separate plays.

During all the times the entire production was on thin ice (which was most of the time), this amazing cast of 17 dedicated thespians (I’m looking at you, Candy Striper) and dedicated directors worked tirelessly to bring the plays to life and bring them to the new HLP stage, which Terry Knickerbocker has so generously donated to the FHC and HLP.

Many grateful thanks are due to our wonderful audience, who supported us and laughed with us. We hope to see you soon!

HLP invites and encourages all those interested in any aspect of theater production to contact one of the HLP members, or the Membership Chair, Ruth Blackwell (740-506-2669).

Plans are in progress for the next production, so please watch for future notices and ticket sales.

(All photos by Bob Dumon)

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