Relay for Life


By Connie Haag-Simpson

Relay for Life Team Captain

Nov. 2021

The Fairfield Harbour Cares team thanks the residents of Fairfield Harbour for their donations to the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life.  We are proud to announce that our team raised $8,812.50.  In addition to donations collected from the Fairfield Harbour letter campaign, we also received contributions from our Relay event on October 16, which included the sale of pizza and drinks and a rummage sale. Currently on the Relay for Life website, we are showing in 3rd place out of 14 teams and have 6 team members in the top ten for individual fundraising.

This year’s event was bittersweet in that we had to say goodbye earlier this year to our teammate and captain, Kathy Petritsch, due to the very disease she worked so tirelessly to fight.  Kathy was instrumental in our team’s fundraising during her last five years as Team Captain. She seemed to have an unlimited amount of energy, which showed in her efforts and her numerous ideas for raising money.  She will be sorely missed as a dear friend and team member. It was heartening to see members of Kathy’s family at our event: Kathy’s husband, Bob, himself a cancer survivor; their daughter, Dawn; grandchildren Amanda and Katie; and some of Kathy’s cousins. 

As always, Fairfield Harbour, your generosity makes a difference and will help to finish the fight against cancer and ensure that more people see more birthdays.  Thank you…we couldn’t have done this without you, our wonderful neighbors.

The Fairfield Harbour Cares team this year included Ina Alterman, Kate Castle, Pam Gaskill, Linda Lelli, Rhonda Miller, Connie Haag-Simpson, Doreen Willock, Val Wilk, and Rosie Wood.

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